Noticias y destacados COVID-19


IUIS-Frontiers Webinar Series on COVID-19 (18/05/20 and 27/05/20).


Join the next live webinar on COVID-19 with Mihai Netea on May 18 ("Trained Immunity and BCG Vaccination: A Tool Against COVID19?"), and Sharon Lewin and Katherine Kedzierska on May 27 ("COVID-19 in Australia: Being Prepared and Understanding the Role of Cellular Immune Responses").

IUS and Frontiers have collaborated on a series of weekly, expert commentaries and scientific webinars to accelerate the development of novel diagnostics, therapeutics, and vaccines.

You can watch the previous webinars on-demand at Get insights from Rino Rappuoli, Giuseppe Ippolito, Eleanor Fish, Rachel Humphrey, and Andreas Radbruch.